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Winters in the Northeast are not always the most wonderful time of the year. Weather seems to turn even worse right after Santa waves goodbye for another year. Everyone bundles to keep warm and remain inside. Outdoor projects get put on hold till spring. But do they have to be put on hold?

We, in the fence business, do not feel they have to be put on hold. Well, at least the installation of a fence in your yard or business. To all of us, it’s a great time to have your fence installed.

As long as the ground doesn’t freeze too deep and we don’t get buried in double digit inches of snow, fence contractors are prepared to install your fence.

I have put together four (4) reasons why you should consider having your fence installed now, in the winter, while you’re under your blanket. Here we

Let’s save some money.

As the winter season arrives and the slowing down of the construction season begins, fence contractors are working to find ways to keep all of their fence crews busy. One of the best ways we know how to do that is to discount fence prices.

Once the season slows down, fence contractors want to keep their best fence crews working. So whether or not the fence company has announced a discount, they will lower their numbers to attract work.

With these discounts occurring, you might be able to work a deal for that backyard fence you’ve always wanted. Instead of a chain link fence, maybe you can have a custom built wood fence. That old wood fence needs replaced with a brand new vinyl or ornamental style fence. Winter discounts may allow you to afford options and styles that are not feasible with your budget in the prime season.

Less wait time, really?

You know that when you call any contractor after spring has started or early summer begins you will be on a waiting list. Behind that long list of customers is the waiting game. You ask for the installation schedule and you get that one or two month waiting list. Now you have to wait on what seems like all summer to get that fence you really want.

Winter fence installations happen far less often, which means more fence crews are available. Workloads have decreased, Material is more readily available. Turnaround times are much quicker. No more waiting months to have your fence installed.

Please don’t damage the landscape.

You’ve worked long and hard to get your yard landscaped just right. Trees placed where you want them, mulch beds are perfect and the grass is full and green. Now here comes your contractors, walking on your grass, running equipment everywhere and all of your perennials are lying on the ground.

Winter fence installation will help to eliminate some of those issues, Most plants and grasses become dormant in the winter months. This 

Trees and shrubs sometimes might need to be moved to allow the fence line to work. Relocating plants while dormant will not damage the plants. Grass will be dormant in the winter allowing contractors to walk on them and move equipment with less damage occurring to the grass and soil,

Sit back and enjoy the spring.

Since you decided to work with your fence company and have your fence project installed in the winter, you can relax and enjoy your new fence. You took the time to plan for the fence in the off season and now it’s all done.

Enjoy your back yard fence that has allowed you the privacy you always wanted. Jump in the pool now that the fence has already been replaced and there will be no waiting on the fence contractor to get it done this spring. Let your pooch out the backdoor to do their business, instead of you walking them on a leash as you wait for your fence. Fence project complete!

I hope this helps you to realize there are some very good reasons to install your fence in the winter months. Allow yourself the time to sit and work with your fence contractor. Go over the plan and be sure it’s what you want. You now lcnow in the off season that they will have more time and availability for you and your project. Oh yeah, and possible discounts.

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